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Therapy Services

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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is for individuals or relationships covering the many aspects of our sexual selves and lives. I work with those wanting to explore and foster an authentic sense of sexuality and gender. Folks working through difficulties around intimacy such as pain with sex, erectile disappointment, trauma, not knowing what you want, and how to communicate about it all. I love helping individuals learn how to show up better for themselves and their relationships.  

Individual/Relational Therapy

It is hard to be a human sometimes! Therapy can be a space to unload all that you are carrying, find new tools to manage stress, challenge thinking patterns, and discover ways to grow into the life you love. 


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a therapy technique used to process traumatic experiences, reduce emotional distress, and reconstruct negative or disruptive narratives about oneself. It is different than talk therapy as it is more structured and involves eye movement, taps, or sound. This process can lead to symptom relief and psychological healing

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